Friday, March 11, 2011


I finally feel completely settled in here. Though we are missing an oven mitt which has not bode well for my fingers several times so far. But seriously, I feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed here. I am finally in a good rhythm.

And let me say, it feels really good to be out of transition.

Now a little about frisbee here. If you don't care, skip it.
UNSW Frisbee is very different then playing with everyone back home. I would describe it as extremely technical but not nearly as athletically based as playing with Yeah College!. We have only practiced so far, and there is a ton of people out there. I have been playing with the advanced group though, so there is only like 20 or so of us and we just sub out. No biggie.
Stack is the only offense we run. I don't particularly like stack. The rhythm that is necessary for a team to execute stack effectively does not seem to be here, not yet anyways. It is so clogged. Maybe I just haven't found the rhythm yet.
Defense is also heavily force based. I find this very effective at two specific times, close to the goal line and close to the sideline. However, the rigidity of force doesn't fit my playing style. There are times when I think switching the force is necessary (when on the opposite sideline for instances) and times when I think force is just dumb to do immediately (turnovers close to our end zone, the chance for a long bomb is too great.) Yet I am just doing as I am told. Its very different not being sort of in charge.
Another thing just to emphasis the style difference is foul calls. I haven't heard one. At all. In the three weeks I have been here. I have heard lots of travels and several picks, but no fouls. Totally different game.
But I fit in fine, and I am getting to play a lot. So that is wonderful. Part of me does wish for a America v Australia game though. Yeah College v UNSW would be a lot of fun. Beached Whales would be balling too, but UNSW needs to find 1 or 2 more girls first.
Bottom line, I miss playing move space, make space frisbee. The free flowing-ness of that seems so much more natural. And mainly I miss the people I play with back home. Bahwoo. Foxcroft I am giving you some love too.

Enough about Frisbee. Continue reading.

I went to the Contemporary Art Museum today, and learned two things mainly.
1. Aboriginal art is impressive to look at, but not really aesthetically pleasing. That get's boring real quick.
2. Modern Art can be very good or very bad. If it is good it is really good, as there exists another whole dimension, as you get to figure out what it is talking about.

My favorite piece was a collection of 8 or 10 blue model cars. Made from melted crayons. Crayons. They were driving over an intersection, and all had left tire tracks, made actually from the artist dragging his crayon cars across his highway canvas. But one car was driving on the wall, separate from the intersection. It was too cool.

Alright, I am done for the night. I like it here a lot, though I miss people back home. I hope this blog post was entertaining to someone, as I kinda wrote it because I felt obligated.

Peace and Joy.

Next weekend: Surf Camp.

Song of the Moment: Pagan Angel and a Borrowed Car by Iron and Wine

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