Monday, March 21, 2011

Instead of studying, I thought I would blog. Sounds like a great way to procrastinate.

Anyways, here is this weekend's adventure:

I hopped off the city bus and walked to Scubar. (Its funny because...) After waiting a while an unmarked white bus rolled up, and I climbed on. The bus was packed, and everyone was talking, yet I didn't understand anything. Gibberish, thats all I heard. What was I doing? Where was I going? Oh, just surf camp with 56 Norwegians. No big deal. They were just speaking Norwegian.

Anyways, after wondering what the heck I got myself into, we rolled up to surf camp in the tiny town of Gerroa, NSW. Situated along seven mile beach, this was sure to be a good weekend. (Why seven mile? they don't even use miles here....) After unloading the bus, we all piled into our hostel style cabins and hit the hay.

We woke up early the next morning and surfed all day. Surfing is pretty hard, but I loved it. I can get up easily on a longer board, and can surf all the way to shore no problem. Turning is tricky, especially with a longer board, but I am getting there.

I also met some of the Norwegians, who were all doing a semester abroad like me, and learned all about their country. Their currency is crowns, they are not part of the EU, which is a good thing because then they would lose all of their oil money and have a massive immigration influx. Police don't carry guns in Norway, unless they really think they will need them. The capital is Oslo, the total population is around 5 million people. They tend to listen to your standard american hits though they also really like house music. There is surfing in Norway, on the northern coast in the Arctic. They have to wear full wetsuits, with boots, hoods, and gloves. The biggest sports are handball, soccer, and cross country skiing. Anything else you'd like to know about Norway?

Here's a picture of me high-fiving my new Norwegian friend Jorgen.

Anyways, surf camp was a lot of fun. It was a great way to learn and get better, since it was progressive and close together. They conditions weren't great as it rained ALL weekend, but I didn't mind as I didn't get sunburnt, and I was wet anyway.

Now, about the video from the last post. I figured it looked a touch unnatural how I fell, so I thought I would explain.

As many of you know, there comes a point when you are learning things like surfing, skiing, skateboarding, or anything else that requires balance, when you realized you are screwed. Waving "hi to my mum" threw my balance off enough that I knew it. So I had three options:
       1. Face plant on Guy's board (the Aussie filming). Possible concussion, not a cool video memory.
       2. Fall towards beach. Easy to shift weight in that direction, but would result in a nose full of pacific, and a mouth full of sand. I'll pass.
       3. Use my ultra strong core muscles to quickly and accurately rotate my wet suit covered body backwards so that my tightly chiseled butt enters the wonderful ocean first in a pain free manner.

I choose option three.

In other news, my chacos are on their last life. One has a width wise tear across the bottom and squeaks with every step. I can see the strap inside. Hopefully these bad boys can last 3 more months, even without any grip on the bottom left.

Time to study.

Peace and Joy.

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