Thursday, March 17, 2011

Digeridoo and Class

So I had to add another class today so I didn't get deported. Thought everyone would appreciate that.

Anyways, I now am in History of Math, which seems easy and interesting (to me at least.)

Here's a video I said I'd upload a while ago, but didn't. I took this during my first week down under.

Just so everyone knows, he said he was doing his impression of a kangaroo, which is what the sound is supposed to signify.

I'd also like to point out that this guys is a boss due to his circular breathing. Just sayin'.

Finally, Clemson won in the tournament. It was the play-in game, but I am counting it.
They play at 3am Friday morning here, so I might be a horrible fan and sleep through it.
Hopefully they win so I can wake my roommates up with a cadence count.

Song of the moment:
Heirloom by Sufjan Stevens

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