Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tools and Race

So today I did something I'm really good at.

Alright, so you remember that scene in Elf? Ya know the one where the black guy who runs the North Pole at the department store walks in to see all the setup that Buddy did for Santa? Yeah that whole setup thing was what i did today. Except instead of christmas decorations, I organized tools. And there was no comedic relief from a department store employee. But seriously, I spent 6ish hours all alone in a large tin trailer (maybe a semi?) sorting and organizing tons and tons of tools, hardware, concrete mix and the like. Hard, hot work, but I actually enjoyed it.

Ok, some more cultural insight.

Eleuthera has a relatively large population of Haitians. Apparently they'll be the majority on Eleuthera by 2020. I would have never guessed, but really am anything but shocked. We actually went to a Haitian Church on Sunday. It was pretty much a one room church, with no air conditioning or fans. And it was full. They actually had somewhat of a modern band with a drummer, a guitarist, bassist, and keys. However they were never, ever on tune. I didn't know anyone could play a whole song out of tune, but they did it like 4 times! And even more it sounded good! They sang everything from memory, and it was all in French Creole, but of course they played amazing grace, and I got to sing along in English.

What struck me the most about this church, was their joy. They truly seemed happy. Their worship was so sincere. Afterwards (and somewhat during) they talked about the monetary need they as a church has. They are working really hard to get AC, because it is just too hot in the building, some of the women and children had to sit outside due to the heat. They also are trying to get their bus fixed and build a small edition so they can have Sunday school. But the best part was just how confident the pastor was in God to cover their financial needs. He told us afterwards that there is always financial need, but he always covers it. And he never stopped smiling.

What blows my mind even more is how happy the Haitians are in light of how they are treated here. Apparently the Bahamians are racist towards the Haitians. Legally the Haitians earn 50% what the Bahamians earn when working side beside, the Haitians can't be there own boss, and they have to pay $1500 a year for a work visa. Thats a ton when they aren't making much. Though I haven't seen the racism first hand, I have seen the Haitian joy, and it really blows my mind.

The Haitians are also super hard working. They walk around with their machetes and use them to clear all their land out and grow food. Apparently only the haitians farm, and they are the only people who work like that in the fields so that's one way of context I can tell them apart.

One final thing, Charlie is our gardner round here. He takes care of the land in front of the Fastzkie house and around the center. And he is the happiest man i've ever met. He doesn't have much, but he has Jesus.

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