Saturday, June 12, 2010


So it looks like i'm going to be exhausted this summer.

Quick Update:

Instead of getting to watch the soccer game I have been dreaming off the past two months, I went to a Bahamian Wedding. It was interesting, ask me about it one day. I was ok with missing the game because i am a big boy.

My OCD + Exhaustion has been kinda hard the past two days. The wedding reception was held here in the center and that took its toll on me. However I am bossing my anxieties. Byaaahhhh!

I have been placed in charge of the Caribbean Ministries Association Twitter and Facebook page. I sure hope I manage to get it all done....

I miss home some too.

Its still hot.

Im still sweating.

The beach is still pretty.

The bugs are still bad.

I have to read a lot before I can go to bed.


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