Monday, June 14, 2010

Bahamas by the numbers

Eluthera length (miles)- 110ish
Population- 8000
Average Temp- 90+
Amount of water I drink daily- 130+ oz
Hours of Sleep I get- 7
Hours of sleep I need- 9
Amount of times I miss people at home- 1000+
Amount of sweat i produce daily- uncountable
Amount of times I've listen to Pittsfield by Sufjan- 30+
Number of Emails i want to send- 6
Number of Emails I'll manage to send tonight- 1 (maybe)
Number of people on Roswell (current team)- 6
Number of people on next team- 23
Number of people on Grace team- 40
Amount of world cup I've watched- 0
Number of times power has gone out- 1
Number of buckets of sand, rock, water, and cement i lifted today- 40ish
Number of Bahamian Weddings attend- 1
Number of jellyfish stings- 0
Number of books read- 1
Number of times I have wanted to rest and read but haven't- 3

Number of bugs- toooooo many

In other news, I got to throw a frisbee today.

Everyone whos been emailing me, I love you. I promise I'll email back. Eventually.

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  1. yay frisbee!...bawhooo! : ) when you have a spare moment, and you're not catching up on some sleep or returning e-mails, check out Isaiah 40:28-31. It's one of my favorites : )