Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Piper, Wolfman, and Bahamas

Because God is unique as an all-glorious,
totally self-sufficient Being, He must be for Himself if He is to be for us. The
rules of humility that belong to a creature cannot apply in the same way to its
Creator. If God should turn away from Himself as the Source of infinite joy, He
would cease to be God. He would deny the infinite worth of His own glory. He
would imply that there is something more valuable outside Himself. He would
commit idolatry.

- John Piper


I think Wolfman is on his way back. The absolute worst part about the Bahamas is the bathroom. I step in there and I sweat immediately. I hop out of the shower (which is always cold, thank goodness) and I sweat. I brush my teeth and I sweat. For some reason it is always, always, hot and with 100% humidity in there. And because I use and electric razor, and don't like razor burn from sweat immediately after shaving, it looks like ill be doing less of it. Apparently the full moon is rising.


Still Doing What I Love

Good Ole' Concrete


  1. but if you dont shave. wont that make you even more hot? or is it like a dog, where their hair is what actually keeps them cool in the summertime. if so, you're in luck my hairy friend :)

  2. Mr. Boyer I strongly support your hairy endeavor.

  3. i can't imagine anything making me more hot than it already is.