Sunday, May 29, 2011

Last night I was wearing my Eleuthera Bible Training Center shirt. Pretty standard right?

Anyways, last night someone came to me and told me that they were from Eleuthera. That was mind boggling.

Let me break this down a little bit for you guys: Eleuthera is a 110 mile long island in the Bahamas with a population of around 8000 people. Sydney is about 9500 miles away from Eleuthera, with a population of 4-5 million people. The fact that someone from Eleuthera stumbled across me while I was in Australia when I was wearing that shirt is just ridiculous. We even knew a couple mutual people! It was a little much needed encouragement.

Anyways, I really really miss church and community back home. I only expect that to grow as I am hitting the "Now what?" part of my trip. My last class is wednesday, then I have 26 days with only 3 exams. I am traveling for like 10 of those days, plus packing and cleaning (I will be doing a lot of cleaning of our house...), but that still leaves me a lot of free time. I feel like I have done most of the cool stuff in Sydney, and I can only study so much...

Anyways, I hope that everyone back home is having a wonderful summer!

Peace and Joy


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