Thursday, May 26, 2011

Its my 101st blog post. Not as exciting as the 100th.

I have a couple of fun/funny things to share.

First I had a crazy dream last night. My fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Wright, was giving a math test to me and  a collection of people I know and have gone to school with from over the years. I know what your thinking, probably something along the lines of "Boyer's a math major and he's dreaming about math tests. Nerd." Well all I have to say is this wasn't the good old math test that I enjoy, because I do enjoy math tests (occasionally) because I am a nerd. But this was some crazy several hundred page booklet filled with things, which I realized upon waking, weren't math. And everyone else in the class understood it all and did well. And I was failing miserably. And it lasted longer than the SAT. It wasn't a nightmare, but it was definitely one of those strange strange dreams that you feel restless the entire time during. And why was my fourth grade teacher there? I haven't thought about her in years.

Second, I want to share this video:

This is a video about Ben Underwood,  a boy born with sight but had both his eyes removed after complications with retinal cancer around the age of two. He eventually taught himself to "see" with echolocation, like a dolphin. First of all, this makes him freaking ballin'. Second this is extremely inspirational. But more than anything I see reflections of the redemptive story of Christ in this. It just makes me feel good inside.
The video is one of a five part series on youtube, but the last four aren't really worth watching in my opinion. It just follows him as his Mom tries to get him to use a cane as a tool to be able to live in the world in an even less handicapped way. The director spends a lot of time showing him as a little stubborn and unwilling to accept what to him is a sign of being handicapped. All I see is how un-handicapped he is, as he is a true 14 year old, which stubbornness is a good sign of.
On a sad note, apparently Ben passed away from complications with cancer around the age of 17.

Third and finally, I have had multiple people make comments about me being skinny. Which just makes me laugh cause I don't think I am skinny, nor do I care really what I am. It just makes me interested to weigh myself.

Peace and Joy,


14 "For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD 
   as the waters cover the sea."
Habakkuk 2:14

Song of the moment:
The Hairbrush Song- Veggie Tales

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