Friday, April 22, 2011

Two weeks ago I worked my tail off to make sure I would be ready to skip class for a week then go to NZ over break. I'm not a fan of skipping class due to getting behind, but I figure I could make an exception and get ahead this one time.

Last week I spent in Australia with my mom and brother. Here is a quick list of our adventures:

  • harbor bridge climb
  • opera house tour
  • harbor cruise
  • blue mountains tour
  • featherdale wild life park
  • lots of eating out
  • drinks at Shangri-la bar on the 36th floor looking out over sydney
  • other fun things that I forgot or don't know how to put in a bullet 
So there it is bullet form. Here's the more in depth spotty description.

The Sydney Opera house is probably the most ballin' building ever. Not only is it gorgeous on the outside, it is beautiful on the inside too. I really really enjoyed the tour, and I am not one to appreciate buildings or tours. However, I will say that the Australian government in the 1950s was not necessarily the most well thought out, as they picked a design that was no more than some sketches. No wonder it went 90 million+ dollars over its 3 million budget...

Featherdale wildlife park had this big area where kangaroos just hop around and you can interact with them. You can buy ice cream cones that are full of grass to feed them. They are such cool animals. More memorable than the 40 to 50 kangaroos was the single emu. This guy was insane. He pretty much came up, pecked at my ice cream cone that i was happily feeding to three small kangaroos. I then yanked it away and hid it behind my back. After moving his long neck in a z motion like some stereotypical sassy snapping black girl saying, "O no you didn't," his bird brain got distracted by my tasty looking north face back pack. after pecking at my strap I just kinda decided to walk away. But this bird had good tastes. After a couple minutes I set my pack down on a bench so I could take some pictures. He comes running out of nowhere, stops, looks at my pack again, and then realizes that my blue carabiner holding my water bottle is tasty looking. He tried to eat my stuff again. By this time I had run out of kangaroo food anyway, so i just decided to move on and pet the koalas and check out the bilbies, quolls, and other strange Australian animals.

I am currently in New Zealand. It is gorgeous. I bought some internet so I could do a take home test that is due the day I get back, but clearly that isn't going so well. I'll write some more about kiwi land later, but for now I just want to show you what made me pay attention to the safety briefing on a plane for the first time ever:

Just a heads up, hang gliding is super relaxing and peaceful, not so much an adrenaline rush. But it rules.

Song of the Moment:
These Hard Times by Needtobreathe

peace and joy.


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