Saturday, April 2, 2011

So last night 5 of us went to a rugby game: the NSW Waratahs vs the New Zealand Chiefs. The Waratahs won, which I guess is who I was cheering for because they were the home team. Anyways, here is what I found interesting:
1. No commentating. At all. No one told me the name of who scored the last try, the name of the subs, what the penalty was nothing. It was an oddly silent sporting event.
2. Instead of saying "Go Waratahs" or "Go 'Tahs" everyone yells "Go the Tahs!". The opposing fans yelled "Go the Chiefs!" The extra "the" is just wierd.
3. I now know what it feels like to be that guy. I would liken this to being a girl at a football game, clueless of rules and penalties, however after thinking about this, it seems I don't know any of those girls. Success. Though I still don't understand rugby penalties.

Here in Australia I feel like I see people all the time that remind me of people back home. Usually they just look somewhat similar and walk or hold themselves similar, but all in all it is really really funny. I think it shows that I miss everyone back home a lot, and that my brain is a funny thing.

Today my roommate Bill and I went to the Botanical Gardens and just chilled on the harbor and talked and rested and stuff. It was the relaxing afternoon I needed. Here's a picture of the view:

Anyways, it wasn't quite the same experience as a good ole Clemson Botan Eno-ing adventure, but it was definitely a good afternoon.

By the way, I made some ballin' baked chicken drumsticks tonight. Chef Boyerdee in the house.

Peace and Joy.

Song of the moment:
Tethered by Sleeping at Last


  1. I love that you just referred to yourself as "Chef Boyerdee." : ) I miss you, Boyer!

  2. "Chef Boyerdee"