Wednesday, April 6, 2011

So it is definitely crunch week at UNSW. I had a math test today, and I have a couple of big assignments due next week and a midterm next week. Add to this the fact that I am skipping a week of class in order to extend spring break and am doing all of those assignments ahead of time makes me a little stressed. Add to it the fact that i woke up at 4:45 this morning to register for classes, and i just become mentally unstable. (Not really, but seriously. And a lack of sleep isn't helping my productivity.)

So how am I coping with stress? By remarking on some of the finer nuances of Australian culture:
1.You don't erase a chalkboard/whiteboard in Australia- you "rub it out"
2. Built in tax about cancels out with 1 and 2$ coins on differences to the money system. My wallet has some nice 1 and 2$ sized circles in the leather now.
3. A free water in McDonald's doesn't have ice. WHY??? I miss ice water so much.
4. Since everything indoors is smoke free, bowling alleys are smoke free. Bowling is much more awesome now. But like everything else it is expensive. But the fact that I had super cool black and blue bowling shoes that looked like sweet nikes definitely made the money worth it.
5. Laser tag is a big deal here apparently. Everyone talks about it. Who knew?
6. Sydney = cockroach city. However: Eleuthera = cockroach heaven. I am unaffected.
7. There are two types of cell phones in Australia: Bricks and Iphones. I have a brick.

Tonight was deep south night at Hillsong. Everyone was supposed to dress up like they were from the southern US. I didn't go, but I can only wonder what that was like.

It is starting to get colder here. Bummer. This bummer is intensified by the fact that it is currently 75 and sunny back home.

I also miss everyone back home immensely.

I am going to get back to work.

Isaiah 65:17-19

Peace and Joy, America! (and Argentina and Italy)


Song of the moment:
Letters from the Sky by Civil Twilight

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