Friday, February 25, 2011

Sydney is a big city, and this post doesn't mention it.

     Tonight I went to my second Hillsong event, this one was a barbeque for a “tribe” which is all the people in several “connect” groups. Basically it was like a midsize group gathering. We hung out, had your standard Aussie Sausage sizzle (that’s what a bbq is here, no shrimp, sorry.), and played monopoly deal. Monopoly deal is a super awesome card game that we will definitely all be playing back home.
     Anyways, the reason I mention this is because of who was there. Tonight I met someone from: China, Singapore, Indonesia, Canada, USA, UK, and of course Australia. I also didn’t meet everyone there. It was crazy how diverse this group of people. And then it just hit me; this is the church. All nations, races, peoples joined together under Christ, the head of our beautiful body. It was and is awesome. And it was great to have some friends who just wanted to play games at night for fun instead of drink and party… But seriously God is beautiful.
     More strange things about Australia:
     ·      Phone numbers; they vary in length, from 6 digits to 10 digits. Way strange. It also ruins my mental math post. No area codes.
     ·      Toilets; they don’t have a lever, but instead two buttons on top. What is the difference between each button? I still don’t know.

     ·      Heaps; this is such a great word and they use it for everything. I was with heaps of people tonight having heaps of fun and was heaps full of thankfulness. Hopefully I come back saying it.
     ·      The letter z; the call it zed. Weird.
Ill put some pictures up of my place and stuff soon.

Personally, I am doing ok. I still am not settled and because I don’t do well with transition it has been a little hard. But I am meeting people and getting settled and Jesus is constant so I am getting by. The stress and loneliness will fade even more over the next few days.

I miss everyone back in the states and wish yall were here with me! And for everyone who has sent me an email, if i haven't responded its just cause it got lost in the mayhem. Sorry dudes!

Peace and Joy.


  1. firstly, maybe one hole is for flushing pee and one hole is for flushing poop......
    secondly, i'm going to start using the word heaps so that I can be a real australian

  2. Jen that is gross but maybe you're right. Boyer, our German customers at Intelli-NET said "zett" for z so maybe it must be some Western European thing given the questionable origins of the original Aussies. Also, all I know about Australia is that the show Summer Heights High is hilarious. One Australian comedian, Chris Lilley, plays all of the lead roles. Here's a compilation from his funniest character. I hope all Australians are like him.

  3. i haven't met any australian like Jonah and to that i say thank goodness. Haha