Saturday, February 26, 2011

Brief Overview

Here is a brief overview of my trip so far, for those of you who want to know what i have done.

1. Plane rides. Long time, small seats, bad food. Standard
2. Arrive in Cairns (pronounced cans)
3. Day at rainforestation. Saw kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, snakes, crocodiles, and dingos. Got to throw a boomerang. Watched indigenous guys play didgeridoo and dance. Tried to play didgeridoo and failed. Took a jungle tour on an army duck vehicle (sweet amphibious vehicles)
4. Whitewater rafting in Cairns. We got flipped and it was wonderful.
5. Community service day in Cairns. We planted 200 trees. Kind of silly but not a bad day regardless.
6. Great Barrier Reef day. Snorkeled twice on the great barrier reef after riding on this super sweet boat out there. I was going to try and do the introductory scuba dive, but they would't let me due to my medicine and sinus infection. However it was still ballin.
7. Flew to sydney and got settled. I have four roommates, three from the states and one from Indonesia. We have no AC and no clothes dryer, but our house is pretty sweet.
8. Got registered and everything at UNSW. Saw all of the university clubs and everything, and got familiar with campus. Also grocery, sheet, and towel shopping. Also went to Powerhouse, Hillsong's wednesday night service for 18-25 year olds.
9. Took my first bus to the middle of the city and set up my bank account stuff. Took the wrong bus home, but ended up at the beach so that was sweet. Then went home. Then i joined the adventure club, the photography club, and of course the ultimate frisbee club. Went to a sweet bbq and some guys house from Hillsong. Met all kinds of people
10. Went to see the city with my roommates. The opera house is really really big and the harbor is beautiful. And the bridge is amazing. I also bought some gelato. Finished the night by relaxing and watching Happy Gilmore.
11. Today I have been a vegetable and have done nothing and just relaxed. Success.

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