Friday, February 18, 2011

Australia 1

Quick Update on my adventures.
1. The first TSA agent who looked at my passport said I looked like Justin Bieber in my picture. Thanks, I guess.
2. On my second flight, my phone fell out of my pocket during takeoff and slid alllllllllll the way down the aisle to the very back of the plane. Some nice people passed it back up to me.
3. Cairns, the city I am currently in, reminds me of everywhere I have traveled in the past 5 years. It feels temperature wise like the Bahamas, the place we are staying is like Mahanaim in Peru (shower heads at shoulder height and all), and the architecture of the city is the same style and colors of an SC beachtown.
4. Interesting Aussie Slang:
chockers – full (of food)
skull – chug
stuffed – broken
sunnies – sunglasses
g’daymatehowyoudoing – greetings friend how are you today?

5. Here’s some pictures:
6. Throwing a boomerang is not like throwing a Frisbee. At all. Quite disappointing. You release it almost vertical. I had one try and I reverted to the oh-so-natural motion of a flick, which caused the boomerang to curve straight up, into the sky, then dive bomb down.
6. Koalas are always asleep, a dingo might have really eaten someone’s baby, wallabies are like miniature kangaroos, and kangaroos don’t like me. I sat down beside one that was laying down and it hopped up and growled/snarled.
7. Didgeridoo native: Internet is slow. Ill upload later
8. I still feel sick. Partly jet lag, partly sinus infection crap, partly strange new place feeling. Hopefully I’ll be healthy soon.
8. I’ll keep everybody posted. I love and miss you all.

God is faithful, more so than me. Too cool.


  1. Yay Australia! : ) I hope you feel better soon, Boyer!

  2. Sounds amazing Boyer! I can think of no one else who would be better prepared for the adventure and remarkable growing experience that you are about to have. Keep loving it!
    I've decided that as my souvenir you can bring me a baby kangaroo.
    Gracias :)

  3. yay kangaroos!!!!!! feel better boy toy!!! tiger town misses you!