Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Yesterday I went spear fishing. I shot one too. Sweet action.

Today we swam to an island. It was a long swim.

Right now I am updating my blog because I felt like I needed to.

Tomorrow we are finishing installing a solar powered water heater.

In a few days Grace comes and I get to see a piece of home. Thank goodness.

The bahamas are good, though I have felt kinda depressed lately, missing home and family and friends and community. But I have also been reading Job which makes any disappointment or struggle I have look like sunshine. Its strange the way that suffering is a part of everyones life. Yet at the same time I almost see it as beautiful. Where else is my real character revealed? How else do I see my strengths and weaknesses? How else do I grow?

A new respect for Christ's sufferings develops through trials. Even if it is just homesickness. The love of God is shown more clearly.

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