Saturday, July 10, 2010

I have the best friends.

So basically, I have the best friends ever. When my home church arrived today, one of the best beached whales ever hands me a giant packet and says this is for you. And let me tell you, a giant packet of letters, pictures, tic tacs, and awesomeness is pretty awesome. I now have enough encouragement to last me the whole summer.

Basically, thank you everyone for overwhelming me with love, despite the fact that I can't even see you guys.

I really do long to see y'all soon, to talk about my trip, and to see how you guys have grown this summer.

How sweet is it that the body of Christ has no boundaries.

1 comment:

  1. I meant to send a letter as well, but I am in Missouri now at my camp.

    So a poem for you Mr. Wolfman Boyer....

    Hey Boyer I hope your doing great,
    This poem I write will be similar to the one at Mark's lake.
    I cant wait till next year at Clemson,
    Where you will make more hot dog(cold dog)puns.
    For now lets be thankful where God's placed us,
    Cause His plan is perfect...which we can trust.
    You are a light to the people you are around,
    Cause you show how much Christ's love abounds.
    Basically Ryan Boyer you sir are the man,
    In the bahamas you better be getting tan. (haha)

    Love, Davy D