Monday, September 26, 2011

From dust, to dust.
For dust you are to dust you will return.

People are hard, and you're one of them.

Recently I have found myself somehow in the midst of all kinds of junk. People losing friends and family to illness and accident, people hurting longtime friends, people making bad decisions, people struggling with depression, and most of all other people being clueless how to respond to all the stuff that is happening around them.

This world can be a weary place. That is something I have definitely been taught over my almost 21 years of life. It is something that I will never forget.

But the thing I always forget to remember is that I am one of those ignorant, difficult, hard, dust filled people too.

Yet Jesus lives, and for whatever reason, decides to take this sack of dust and sow some good seed on it. Suddenly, I the dust become the good soil.

Yet it is not I, but the living water that changes me from dust. And the dazzling son that sows the seed.

Thank goodness for redemption.

Let's hope and pray for determined spirits that run toward the kingdom, that we may not make the return to dust ever. The part that deserves to return to dust has returned. I'm clean. And I'm wet and muddy and in the sunshine.

Let the crop grow.

Genesis 3:19
Matthew 13:1-9,18-23 / Mark 4:1-8,13-20 / Luke 8:1-8,11-15
Titus 3:1-7

Peace and joy. And Hope. Lots of it.

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