Friday, January 21, 2011

Why are Sweethearts so good?

Valentine's day is less than a month away, which means that sweethearts are on sale at a grocery store near you! Now the real question is why are these sugar and corn syrup confections with awful phrases of love (the handful I'm currently eating says: "My Team" "Win Me" "Ur Hot" "All Mine" "Love Me" and "Win me") so dag gum good?
I think I am addicted to lemon tinted chalk.
Also why don't they have these year round? They could have a christmas edition, forth of July edition, or even a St. Patrick's day edition, and shape them like christmas trees, bottle rockets, and clovers respectively. Sayings certainly wouldn't be hard as it is easy to pick two random words from the english language and print them on sugar. Try "Jingle Bells" for Christmas, "Boom" or "'Merica" for Fourth of July, and "Drink Up" for St. Patty's. Oh the simple brilliance. (By the way, I hear they have some that say "tweet me" since that makes lots of sense (and zero dollars) to tell your crush).

Anyways, as I prepare to go abroad, I'm having my fair share of pre-trip anxieties. The idea of having to start all over with making friends, relationships, and community is daunting and depressing. I'm also nervous about classes and travel and how on earth to balance everything I want to do there.
Another semi-legitimate fear is the fact that I will be able, allowed, and encouraged to drink (alcohol that is) over there. I don't have a real desire to drink, but I don't want to be that guy who comes off as a Tee-totaler or Brother Micah.

I think all of this is related to the same question that I have been dealing with for years: What does it look like to follow Jesus, daily? Just because I say I love him, doesn't mean I do. Love changes people. And since I am a person it should change me. And this Love should affect every situation, moral and amoral. I hope and pray that he does big things with me abroad, and also that he does big things with me here.

In other news: Sydney better get ready for it's first beached whale ultimate player. Bahwoo!

Song of the moment: A Little Piece by the Jezabels

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  1. Thanks for the dollars and sense comment and if you decide to drink in Australia please take advantage of your compromise mental state and try Kangaroo boxing. I think you can hold your own.