Friday, May 7, 2010



A lone drum beats a simple rhythm
A basic beat fills the room,
The drum set joins in and the noise grows
Music is born from the silence.

Add in a djembe, break out the congas
Hammer out the sound that mixes in the air
Complexity from uncomplicated components
Let the circle continue in its endless cycle.

The musicians express it without words
Feelings move by the thumps of the bass drum
By the tone of the djembe life is shared
All eyes are closed but the bond is seen.

A lone drum beats in its cage.
A steady, somber beat.
Another one nearby pounds from inside.
Together the two rhythms intertwine.

As more trapped drums join in,
Like the drum circle, the community grows
And so does the music, gracious on the ears
Together, a beautiful rhythm to live by.

And with you my imprisoned heart is free.
For you alone set my drum alive
You fill my blood with a rhythm of eternity
Your body loudly beats your love.

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