Sunday, February 7, 2010

Some Questions

I have some questions, questions that are both plaguing and absurd. Both legitimate and silly.:

What are my gifts?
What exactly does a kumquat taste like?
Why does art pierce the soul?
Why does the best music move emotions, yet we cannot move ourselves towards goals?
Why credit photographers for capturing beauty, instead of the beauty itself?
What fruit do I bear?
What constitutes an intellectual? Is it a college education or is it something more?
Why do we fear and worry?
How can I live in a campus of 20000 smart people and live in a giant bubble from the outside world?
What constitutes maturity? Then is maturity good?
Everyone agrees that U-6 Rec Soccer is not about winning, exactly what changes between this and high school, college and pro sports?
Who and what have I passed by with blind eyes? What and who have I seen too much into?
Why is it easier to lose stuff in a dorm room than in my entire home?
What do I waste?
Why is wikipedia not an accurate source if it has sightings at the freaking bottom?
Why the freak does it rain so much in Clemson?

Why do I let my heart grow hard, selfish, and empty, when glory is only a choice away?
Why do I fight a losing battle, when victory is near, present, and better?

Romans 8:28-39


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  1. Dont worry, Boyer. I've lost more things in the couch this past week of being at home sick then I have ever lost dorm and house combined.