Saturday, February 6, 2010

Alright, I did it. But I'm not joining Twitter.

So after puzzling over this for a while, I have decided to make a blog. I have a lot of thoughts and ideas and poems in my head and I want to write them down and get them out. Yet, I struggle to get myself to do it solely for myself and my benefit. So I figured I'll make a blog, let whoever wants to read it, and let my mind and my heart go to work.

I am not promising anything beautiful here, in fact I bet a lot of what will go up hear will be crummy and suck, yet I wish to get myself out there to the large crowd of no one who I expect to read this.

Expect some poetry, some lyrics, some analysis, some deepness, and some of my shallowness. And if I write, find, or think of anything worth sharing it will be here.

Yet I desire for my heart to be for God and to seek his kingdom, so if you choose to walk through life with me, our story will be shown in snapshots.


And I'm not joining Twitter.

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