Thursday, February 13, 2014

I am here

I am here.

At the precipice of my thoughts
the top of my mind
or the bottom of my future

They precipitate around me
out of the air the form
first dust then pebbles
then boulders and mountains
falling with force on the un-firm ground

I am here.

The moment passes but the wreckage remains
I shovel the surface clean
packing it in cardboard boxes
padding it with packing peanuts
sealing it with clear tape
I place them in rows
on the edges of my mind
for the moment the cliff feels far
but the past moments linger

I am here.

The house may be swept clean
I may be strong for surviving
but even the strong man can be tied up
he can be overcome

the boxes begin to break
cardboard ins't thought tight
what seeps from the edges chases
follows pursues attacks
restrains me once again
back at the drop off

I am here.

At the precipice of my thoughts
the end of my mind
or a new beginning of my future

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