Saturday, June 11, 2011

Let's talk music. It is something that I love.

First a couple tracks that have been played a lot recently on my computer/ipod:

Meheni Rachi by The Dharohar Project & Mumford & Sons
Who knew that Indian music, bluegrass, and beautiful vocals could mix so well! Though I have to admit the Indian music is my least favorite part....

The Sea of Atlas- Sleeping at Last
These guys (I guess he is just a single guy now...) have been cranking out 3 songs every month for the past 9 months. His latest ep has this beautiful track on it, after a beautiful instrumental lead in track. If you don't listen to Sleeping at Last, then you should. You will be hard pressed to find a better lyrics, and his music really is wonderful, peaceful, relaxing, and ingenious.

Caught in the Air- The Frozen Ocean
I downloaded his album off of noisetrade (if you don't know what noisetrade is check it out for free a week or so ago, and I like it a lot. However, this track, the lone instrumental one, jumps off the album to me. So good.

Background- Lecrae ft. C-lite
I'm not a big rap fan. And I'm not a big Christian Rap fan. But this song really is good. It is catchy, well produced, and Lecrae's lyrics are seriously solid. I really think he raps more truth in just about any one song than the majority of CCM artists do over their whole careers, with this song being one of his weaker examples. Anyways, its good, positive, and well true.

The Storm- Elenowen
Once again a noisetrade download. This duet is really talented, with both having great voices. I can't honestly say I have heard anything else of theirs, but this song is enough to make me appreciate them.

Now for some other things.
First, I downloaded this sweet little Java applet called Super Analyzer. (Located Here -I make no claims on the quality or content of it...)  It analyzes your itunes library and gives you stats, which saved me the trouble of doing it myself. Here are some interesting screenshots that I found surprising and also not surprising...

First interesting thing: I'm surprised at how low Mutemath is and how high Coldplay is on my most listen artists. No one should be surprised that Sufjan killed everybody that badly though...
Second interesting thing: The absence of Lost and Gone Forever by Guster and The Joshua Tree by U2 from my most played albums. I half expected Lost and Gone Forever to be my most played...

Other interesting statistics:

Track Count: 8,276 tracks
Play Count: 29,377 tracks played
Total Time: 3.5 weeks
Total Play Time: 2.9 months
Artist Count: 903 artists
Album Count: 1,590 albums
Genre Count: 30 genres
Total Library Size: 47.4 GB
All Songs Played: 82% played at least once
Library Age: 2.0 years
Average Growth Rate: 80.3 songs/week

How interesting is that? I have almost listened to 90 days of music on my computer in the past 2 years. I don't know whether to be proud, ashamed, or to stop studying so much...

Another thing that I found on my own was how much longer I have to listen in order to hear every song I have once. The time: 4 days, 7 hours, 17 minutes, and 13 seconds. Dang.

Alright, I'm done typing things that no one (other than me) cares about.


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